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In most cases, promethazine isn t anything to worry about on a drug screening simply because it s not considered a controlled-substance.

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Information about Promethazine.

How often you take this medicine and the timing of your dose will depend on the condition being treated.

Promethazine may cause breathing to slow or stopand may cause death in childrenPromethazine should not be given to babies or children who are younger than 2 years old and should be given with caution to children who are 2 years of age or olderCombination products containing promethazine and codeine should not be given to children younger than 16 years oldPromethazine should not routinely be used to treat vomiting in childrenit should only be used in specific cases when a doctor decides that it is neededTell your child’s doctor if your child has any condition that affects his/her breathing such as lung diseaseasthmaor sleep apneastops breathing for short periods of time during sleepTell your doctor or pharmacist about all the medications your child is takingespecially barbiturates such as phenobarbitalLuminalmedications for anxietynarcotic medications for painsedativessleeping pillsand tranquilizersCall your child’s doctor immediately and get emergency medical treatment if your child has difficulty breathingwheezesslows or pauses in breathingor stops breathing.

Promethazine may cause other muscle relaxant tablets. side effectsCall your doctor if you experience any unusual problems while you are taking this medication.

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meperidine, promethazine moderate because promethazine causes pronounced sedation, an enhanced cns depressant effect or additive drowsiness may occur when it is combined with other cns depressants like buspirone.

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